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Inter House

GANGA HOUSE , Motto – Perseverance Conquers All

River Ganga is considered sacred and purifies body and soul. Regardless of all scientific understanding , it is symbolically pure in Hindu culture. The Ganga is also called the Mother, Maa of Hindu, worship and culture accepting all and forgiving all.
It is recognized by Yellow colour – the colour of rising sun. It stands for hope and happiness , freshness, positivity,energy and enlightenment.

House Incharge : Mr. Rupesh Kumar, Mrs. Manju manjhkola

GODAVARI HOUSE , Motto : Reach For Stars

It is named after a river which is second largest river of India .As water flows and moves forward incessantly, so do we.
Godavari portends purity.
Blue colour is universal colour. The cool and calming blue brings peace and conveys importance and significance. It can be strong and steadfast light and friendly. It is abode of talent , Innovation and novelty. It believes in marching ahead with strength and zeal leaving behind all obstacles.

House Incharge : Mr. C.V Juyal, Mrs. Kiran Verma

CAUVERY HOUSE , Motto: Rising Towards Perfection

Cauvery, the great mother and the large Indian river. It utterly means "jeevanadhi" a river supporting life. Like river which descends its own path and gushes and rushes down to reach the sea, our house makes wise decision and work hard to achieve our goals.
Cauvery, the Green House reflects progress and prosperity with its symbolic colour green. A house is a symbol of togetherness and hard toil. It is colour of balance, harmony and growth, colour of spring renewal and rebirth.

House Incharge : Ms. Sarika Narula, Mrs. Sarita Chauhan

KRISHNA HOUSE , Motto :The Price Of Greatness Is Responsibility

Mighty Flows the Krishna River embarks on a journey every new day, smoothing over rough rocks and plumbing new depths. It opens its arms wide to receive every new rain. It nourishes, it feeds and its embrace its admirer with flourish.
Krishna , the red colour , reflects sacrifice. It symbolizes the vibrancy, exuberance and vitality. It is the colour of energy, positivity and action.

House Incharge : Mrs. Renuka Kandari, Mrs. Tina Khanka