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Welcome to our school

Robin Sharma, an eminent writer says “ Success cannot be Pursued ; success ensues. It flows as the unintended by produce of efforts concentrated in the direction of a worthy cause’. And this Herculean task of running an Education Mission was adopted by our founder Brahmaleen Shri Mahan Indresh Chanarn Dass Ji Who had a profound desire to provide quality education to the downtrodden starta of the society at minimum affordable cost. With this aim in view, he established the first English Medium Public School (our branch) in the sanctity of the holy Shri Durbar Sahib on 28th January in 1965 with Mr V N Kapoor as its first Principal, since then, the school is progressing and has become the pride of the town.

SGRR Education Mission plans to achieve this monumental goal by:

  • Delivering a dynamic educational program that encourages each student to achieve his/her highest potential.
  • Offering a unique blend of curriculum that will enable easy transition of students from school to tertiary education any where in the world.
  • Practicing the ethics of love and compassion towards all and committing ourselves to overall development of the children.